Baltic Amber Teething Baby Necklaces

Baltic Amber Teething Baby Necklaces

Baltic Amber Teething Baby Necklaces
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Did you know that Baltic Amber is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities when worn on skin? And that Baltic Amber teething necklace have been traditionally used in Europe as a natural teething remedy to relieve a baby's pain?  It's true!
Our beautiful 100% natural Baltic Amber necklace is rounded or boal in shape and rainbow or yellow in color.  It uses a twisted cap to close and is ~32-34 cm / 12.6-13.4 in length.  Each bead measures 0.5 cm (0.3 inch) and weighs about 2.2 grams.  The necklace are beaded out of smooth 100% natural Baltic amber beads and then strung upon a pure cotton that is waxed. Each bead is carefully knotted on both sides to prevent scattering in case the necklace were to break.  They are hand-crafted in Lithuania so the attention to detail is flawless. 
This Necklace is created for wearing, not for chewing. Wash the necklace in soapy water before putting it on your baby's neck. They're suitable for babies (boys and girls) four months and up
Weight: ~ 4.5 g
Length: 28-34 cm / 12.6-13.4 in
Measurements of the biggest bead: 0.7 x 0.6 cm/0.27 x 0.23 in


The best thing is that it looks adorable on boys as well as girls! The necklace is suitable from about 3-4 months of age. The miseries of teething can often continue for 2 years or more, and we can tell you from our experience it's never too late for your child to start wearing this necklace!


Amber should be worn on the skin. Amber teething necklaces relieve the pain of teething in babies and toddlers when the necklace lays against the skin during the day. Baby necklace is not for chewing or wearing at night!

Hand Made in Lithuania
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