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Microwavable Steam Sterilizer Bags

Microwavable Steam Sterilizer Bags

Sterilizing on the go AVENT sterilizer bags

  • Easy to use
  • Sneak-peek window
  • 5 microwave bags

Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags

  • AVENT microwave steam sterilizer bags, Sterilizing on the go

100 sterilization cycles within one retail pack

  • One retail pack includes 5 microwave sterilizing bags, which each can be used at least 20 times.

Clever product features for more convenience

Easy to use

  • Clear step-by-step instructions are visualized in a few pictograms on each bag.

Sneak-peek window

  • A window is included in the bag, to check whether the disassembled parts are positioned properly in the bag for optimal sterilizing.

Check boxes

  • By ticking the check box after every usage, you can keep track of the times you used the product.

Safe Zone

  • The microwave sterilizing bags include a Safe Zone area where the bag can be safely grabbed when taking the product out of the microwave after the sterilizing cycle. More convenience and less risk on burns.

Quick & effective sterilizing

Kills 99.9% of bacteria/germs

  • Already in 90 seconds bottles, breast pumps and other baby products can be sterilized! The effective sterilizing procedure kills 99.9% of bacteria/germs.


On-the-Go Drying Rack with Bottle Brush

On-the-Go Drying Rack with Bottle Brush

Make cleaning up away from home less of a chore with the OXO Tot On-the-Go Drying Rack and Bottle Brush.  This compact cleaning kit is small enough to easily fit into diaper bags or purses while on the road.  It opens up into a drying rack with flexible tines to accommodate bottles, nipples, breast pump parts and more. Neatly tucked inside the folded drying rack are a silicone detail cleaner and Bottle Brush head that assemble to form a full sized Bottle Brush.  The Brush has soft and firm bristles for gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing and has a soft handle that is non-slip, even when wet.  The silicone detail cleaner cleans tight spots like bottle nipples and breast pump parts more effectively than bristles can.  The ventilation holes provide aeration for quick drying, so you can say good-bye to wet brushes in inconvenient plastic bags!


Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag set

Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag set

Snacks on the move!
Our Zoo Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag Set is made for little kids learning to eat independently, whether at home or on-the-go.

The sandwich pouch is ideal for your kiddo's favorite lunch, without the waste of traditional plastic bags. The snack pouch includes a side handle designed just for little hands, perfect for your toddler to tote to the park, preschool, playground and even on the plane!


Snack Cube

Snack Cube

Snack Cubes 210 ml (7 0z) This is the perfect snack size tempered glass food container! Whether it be a granola & yogurt combo, cheerios or even a baby food puree it is the perfect size for every snacker in the house! Pack of 2


Splash Bottle Drying Rack

Splash Bottle Drying Rack

Beauty is in the eye of the brush holder.

Splash is a modern bottle drying rack that is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its space-saving circular design keeps feeding accessories off the counter, and the included brush makes cleaning quick and easy. The unique shelf is perfect for nipples, straws, and other small items.

WINNER of the 2008 IDEA (International Design Excellence Award)

Extra Brushes available

Designed by Scott Henderson.


Twig Grass and Lawn Drying Rack Accessory

Twig Grass and Lawn Drying Rack Accessory

Wish your Lawn or Grass countertop drying rack had a bit more room? Good news: We?ve branched out. Plant Twig in the middle and use it to hang up small, just-washed parts while you free space below for drying bigger items.


Wean Cubes

Wean Cubes

Wean Cubes 120 ml (4 oz) Wean Green by Glasslock presents the newly designed and improved Wean Cubes! Tempered Glass Food Containers. Each lid has passed the 'use' testing machine over 3 million times! Pack of 4


Zoli-SUMO Snack Stacker

Zoli-SUMO Snack Stacker

 Bulky snacks such as strawberries, orange slices, pretzel sticks, and rice cakes... you name it, now fits into one of the of SUMO