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How to Create a Baby Registry

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Liapela for your special occasion.  We realize that preparing for special events like this can be quite overwhelming at times, especially creating a baby registry.  Well it’s time to relax and let our experienced staff help you through the process.  We’ll help you pick everything you need and keep track of your list inventory.  We also assist in letting your friends and family know about your registry, making it easy for them to share in your special occasion.

At Liapela we help

make the process easy 

We offer two choices when registering; you can either register online or in our store.  Once your registry is online you’ll be able to add to it and track it from home.  Your friends will be able to shop through your list from anywhere in the continental United States.

create your product list

Our website is packed with wonderful products for any occasion.  Once you’ve registered you’ll be able to browse any of your pages and add the products you need.

keep quality number 1

As stated in our mission statement we strive to carry products that meet and exceed our criteria for quality of craftsmanship and originality.  Most everything we carry was chosen by parents for parents.  Therefore you can be assured that the list of products you choose will be something that will be a part of your family’s life for a very long time.

get discounts and special savings

Once your event has passed and you still have items left on your list, we will gladly offer you a one-time 10% discount* to purchase any or all of the remaining items on your list. (* does not apply to, strollers, furniture or highchairs. Gift givers can not receive this discount; offer is only valid for registrants). If you are an expectant mother of twins or triplets, liapela will give you a 10% discount** when you buy more than one of the same item.   (**discount is only given on like items, we do except the same item in different colors)  Please contact customer service or visit our store location for more details.

make exchanges a breeze

There are occasions when you might receive two of the same products or maybe it’s something that you just don’t need.  Well at Liapela that is no problem.  For your convenience we offer you the opportunity to either exchange or return any items by mail or at our store. In the event your return is after 30 days we will give you store credit* for your item.  (*item must be in original condition.  Liapela reserves the right to refuse store credit or refund if item is damaged or is not in original packaging)

spread the word

Once you've created your registry you will receive an email from Liapela that will serve as an announcement of your registry to your friends and family.  You will need to forward this email to everyone attending your special event.

Registry Etiquete

How acceptable is it for me to create a baby registry?

You'll be amazed at how many gifts you receive from people who want to share this exciting time with you and your family. You will receive gifts upon sharing the exciting news, at your baby shower, from work colleagues as you depart for maternity leave, at the hospital after delivery, and when your baby arrives home for the first time. Registering gift preferences enables your friends and family to select a gift they can be sure you will love.

What items should I include on my baby registry?

Of course, what you include on your registry is a personal choice. However, it is typical to register for a variety of furniture, bedding, towels, washcloths, décor, gear, and toys that will span the first two years of your baby's life. Be sensitive to different budgets and the fact that some people may want to go in on a group gift, and include items that cover a range of prices. Also, remember that babies grow quickly. So, in addition to registering for newborn items, we recommend you add items to your registry that are appropriate for your baby's first 24 months.

When should I register?

We recommend creating your liapela registry three to four months before your due date or other event date. This allows family and friends enough time to purchase gifts before the event.

Is creating a registry for a second or third child an acceptable practice?

Many product designs evolve over time. For safety or practicality reasons, consider registering for or purchasing such items for your new baby. Also, since your new little one's skin will be incredibly sensitive, there are a number of items – such as blankets, sheets, and towels – that you might consider buying or registering for again to ensure that they are as soft and fresh as possible.

How long after a birth is it likely we will receive baby gifts?

You'll find that most gifts are typically given within the first three months of a baby's birth. However, some gifts may continue to trickle in throughout the first year.

Why are gifts sometimes given to an older sibling when a new baby is born?

Accustomed to being the center of attention, older siblings often feel left out when a new baby arrives. Giving the older sibling a small gift helps them feel special in their new role as big brother or sister. When you register for your new baby, consider adding a few toys for your older child that help keep him or her entertained while you attend to your newborn.

 How acceptable is it for me to create a registry for my child's birthday or other special event? 

Everyone who gives a gift hopes that the gift will be appreciated and cherished. But buying gifts for children can be tricky – especially for friends and family who do not have children themselves. With toys, for example, it can be difficult to know what the child already has, which toys the child is developmentally ready for, or which type of toys the child really enjoys. Registering gift preferences enables your friends and family to select a gift they can be sure your child will love.