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SIGG Football Club .4L (13oz)

SIGG Football Club .4L (13oz)
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We love SIGG reusable drink bottles because they meet so many earth-friendly criteria and are a healthier choice for humans too.

SIGG Girlie Skull reusable water bottle in the .4L size. This bottle is SUNSHINE YELLOW in color and features a tattoo flash skull/butterfly design with flowers. As with all of our Aluminum bottles, this .4 liter (13 Ounces) reusable water bottle is made with love in Switzerland and features SIGGs exclusive liner that will not leach any harmful metals or chemicals into your beverage. You drink pure when you drink from SIGG.

A smart, safe and stylish step up from the world of plastic sippy cups. Kids SIGGs are durable and leak proof. The special liner ensures great taste and easy washing out – even after you realize it’s been under the car seat with grape juice in it for a week!


Very LIGHTWEIGHT -- weighing the same as a thick plastic sports bottle.

Can be used for fruit juice, carbonated and hot drinks.

External colors are created with a solvent free powder coated finish.

The liner is flexible and crack resistant even if the bottle is dented.

The brilliant exterior of a SIGG is due to a solvent-free, eco-friendly, powder base coating which is baked on to create vibrant colors and eye catching designs.

The SIGG closures are easy to operate, leak-proof

Safe for humans (SIGG interior coating (baked on stove enamel) is resistant to fruit juices and acids, alcohol and isotonic drinks, and does not impart odors or tastes)

A ground-breaking interior lining is 100% effective against leaching and combats residue build-up, so the Baby SIGG water bottle is easy to clean and ensures that the only thing your child will taste is the water or juice that you just poured in the bottle.

The inside coating contains NO:





materials & dimensions:

13oz. Narrow shape fits most water bottle holders and car drink holders. Made from Aluminum and plastic for lids.


The water-based, non-toxic, baked on internal coating has undergone extensive independent tests in Switzerland and Germany to prove it does not leach potential toxins.

Reuse your bottle instead of buying water in disposable plastic bottles that waste resources and create greenhouse gas emissions.
Almost indestructible, leak-proof and with replaceable parts, they are made to last and last :: longevity means more resources are not wasted to keep making disposable products.
A healthier choice for humans :: reusing plastic drink bottles can lead to the leaching of harmful chemicals. SIGG’s patented food-safe internal lining is inert, taste neutral and will not crack even when the bottle is dented.
Recyclable : At the end of life the aluminum bottle can be easily recycled.

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