Stokke Care Changing Table

Stokke Care Changing Table

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Change together. Grow together. Stokke Care is a changing table that becomes a desk and a bookshelf and a TV stand - but first and foremost it’s a tool to make diaper changing enjoyable and intimate. That’s why Stokke Care unique hourglass shape is designed so that you face your child while changing, and space for your feet allows you to get closer to your baby. It raises your baby to your height, encourages all-important eye-contact and frees your baby’s arms and legs, promoting play and interaction. So now you can spend hours together having fun… until it’s time for another change, of course.

  • The wooden construction means Stokke Care will last for years.
  • Its slim form is designed to fit narrow spaces, whilst giving plenty of storage space.
  • Safety rails add extra security allowing you to focus in the job at hand. However, you should nonetheless never leave your baby unattended on the Stokke Care changing table.
  • When a changing unit is no longer needed Stokke Care can easily be turned into a small desk. The desk shape and size is perfect for two children to play games, paint or draw on. Later Stokke Care can also be used as a practical bookshelf, a CD rack, TV station or a combination of them all!
  • Stokke Care can also be converted into a larger school desk with the use of the extended table-top kit (purchased separately). This extends the length of the desk to 120 cm at a height of 72 cm. 

Stokke Care includes:

  • Two large baskets
  • Changing mattress
  • Two plastic containers and metal rails

Shipping info: 64.7 lbs / 29.3 kg - 44 x 10 x 30 / 111 x 25 x 76 cm

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