Cold Cream Nutri-protective

Cold Cream Nutri-protective

Cold Cream Nutri-protective
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Ultra-protective face and body lotion. To moisturize and protect skins which are naturally dry or temporarily dehydrated by external conditions (cold, wind...). For newborns, babies and children with normal skin.


Beeswax keeps skin moist and protected from external aggressions, such as cold, wind, and dry air.

Provides long-lasting hydration (for up to 8 hours), with its formula based on essential fatty acids (almond oil and corn oil).

Effectively restores the hydrolipidic film and helps to strengthen skin defenses internally.

Shea butter soothes irritated skin, instantly and lastingly, reducing redness and pulling sensations.

Nourishes skin with cold cream and ceramides (key lipids), which compensate for the lipid deficiency of dry skin.

Rich and creamy, it penetrates the skin easily and is non-sticky.

Hypoallergenic - specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and tested under dermatological control.

Consumer tests show subjects experienced 80% improved skin hydration and 85.7% prevention of sensations of discomfort.

1.3 FL. OZ.               

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