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For those who prefer the more traditional swim suit, Konfidence Kidswear created these ever-so cute float suits. They work on the same principle as the Original Konfidence Jackets providing adjustable buoyancy for the wearer and freedom of movement through 8 removable floats worn in outer pockets.

Constructed from quick drying, close knit Lycra, the all in one swim suit design offers a number of benefits:

  • adjustable buoyancy allows you to tailor it to your child’s weight to ensure they are not under or over supported in the water
  • 30+ UPF sun protection
  • quick drying stretchy Lycra provides both comfort and convenience
  • T Shirt top design on Clownfish floatsuit offers 50+ UPF sun protection and additional protection across shoulders and top of arms.
  • Swim suit design gives parents and grandparents confidence and security in knowing their little ones will always have the buoyancy they need.

These are just some of the features that have made the Floatsuits such a big hit for summer holidays by the pool!

And don’t forget, while full instructions on the Floatsuits usage and adjustable buoyancy are provided, Konfidence Kidswear are also available to answer any further questions you may have and allow you to purchase with complete confidence.

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