Yoyo Stroller

Yoyo Stroller

Yoyo Stroller
Yoyo Stroller Yoyo Stroller
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The BABYZEN YOYO folds into a record-breaking package of only 52 x 44 x 18 cm (20 x 17 x7 in.)! It is half the volume of a standard umbrella-stroller. It can fit just anywhere: in the smallest car trunks or behind a front seat, under a train seat, and even in the overhead compartment of a plane…

The YOYO buggy boasts generous dimensions, with a 106 cm high handlebar (42 in), a wide padded seat, a large and protective canopy, a solid footrest, 4-wheel suspension…

There are several ways for folding or unfolding a YOYO stroller, all equally simple.

For example, it is possible to fold and unfold it single-handedly, while holding your baby in your arms…

Its unique suspension system offers an incredibly smooth ride. 

The YOYO is so slim (only 44 cm / 17 in. wide), it can go just anywhere.  Because it has a handlebar you can drive it with one hand: so helpful when you need to hold an umbrella, a cellphone, or the hand of an older child…

The YOYO 6+ is 5.9 kg all included

The YOYO 6+ has a solid and padded multi-position reclining backrest, up to 140°.

The underseat basket of the YOYO is certified for a load of 2kg. Its shape makes it very roomy, and particularly accessible from both front and rear.

There is also a storage net at the back of the backrest on YOYO 6+ 


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Yoyo Parasol

Yoyo Parasol